Treatment for Visual Misalignment

Neurolens is an innovative eyewear to correct eye misalignment and alleviate computer vision symptoms.

Many people are experiencing headaches, eye strain, and general fatigue after extended periods of staring at a screen. It can be any screen:

  • Computer
  • Mobile phone
  • Eye pad

You may feel that your eyes, neck, and head are paying the price!

What you may not realize is that in addition to poor posture and bad positioning of your screen, an underlying visual misalignment may be the root of these problems.

What is Neurolens?

Neurolens is an advanced instrument that evaluates how well your eyes align to distant and near targets. It is used to detect a subset of binocular vision dysfunction that may be causing symptoms referred to as trigeminal dysphoria. A special lens called Neurolens, which offers contour prism, is used to treat these symptoms. Neurolens focuses on horizontal misalignment.

How is Neurolens Different from Regular Prisms?

For years, eye doctors have been adding small amounts of prism to patients’ prescription glasses lenses to enhance visual comfort. However, conventional prism lenses only address eye alignment at a single distance. In contrast, innovative contoured Neurolens prisms can address misalignment at all distances. They achieve this by gradually increasing the prism from distance to near.

How Would You Know if Neurolens is For You?

When having your regular eye exam at one of Atlanta Eye Care locations in Alpharetta, GA tell your doctor is you have been experiencing the need to take frequent breaks from your computer, are constantly adjusting lighting and glare problems and adjusting the height and angle arrangement of your screen has not helped to eliminate your painful computer vision symptoms. Symptoms can be:

  • Blurred Vision
  • Double Vision
  • Red or Dry Eyes
  • Headaches
  • Neck Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Eye Irritation

We will use state-of-the-art eye-tracking technology to objectively measure your precise degree of misalignment at both near and far distances. The measurement exam takes 3 minutes total and calculates your ocular misalignment to the one-hundredth of a prism diopter.

Neurolens is currently not covered by insurance.

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