About Hyperopia

Hyperopia“Hyperopia” is commonly referred to as farsightedness, an insufficient curvature of the cornea. Having a short eyeball also leads to hyperopia. These two issues result in light failing to focus properly on the retina, so vision is compromised and blurry.  If you can see distant objects clearly and close objects care blurry, you may have hyperopia. The condition is usually present at birth and is generally genetic. It can affect adults as well as children.  As much as 5-10% of the population has the condition.  Eyeglassescontacts, or surgery can correct it. The expert optometrists at Alpharetta Eye Care and Windward Eye Care are here to help.

Common Symptoms of Hyperopia

  • Headaches
  • Eyestrain
  • Blurred vision
  • Eye irritation
  • Difficulty maintaining focus on close objects

Hyperopia vs. Presbyopia

Hyperopia occurs early in life. Presbyopia is an age-related loss of flexibility of the lens inside the eye. With presbyopia, the lens becomes hardened and less elastic, the eye has a harder time focusing on close up objects.

If your farsightedness is minor, you may not require any corrective procedures or products. However, in more serious cases, our optometrists may recommend glassescontact lenses, or perhaps even a LASIK procedure.

Regular Eye Exams Are Important for Adults

Many eye conditions are genetic. Get your eyes examined annually or biannually.  Early detection of eye conditions is important. Your eye doctor will advise you about the frequency of follow-up visits.  However, if you experience any difficulty with your eyes or your vision, you should make an appointment.

Children and Teens Need Eye Check-ups Too

Eye exams should begin at 6 months of age.  Before starting school, the child’s eyes will need re-checked. Once a child begins school, vision checks should be scheduled annually or biannually.  If the child is experiencing difficulty seeing or other eye irritation, make an appointment for a check-up.

Hyperopia: The capable and caring doctors at Alpharetta Eye Clinic and Windward Eye Care will study your medical history and diagnose any eye conditions you may have.  Schedule an appointment today to get your eyes checked by our experts. We will work with your flex plan or insurance. We want you to be able to focus on what matters. If you live in Roswell, Cumming, Johns Creek, or Milton, you are near one of our locations.