LASIK eye surgery can be life-changing. Imagine waking up each morning without looking for your glasses. See the world clearly from the moment you open your eyes until settling in for a good night’s sleep. Atlanta Eye Care’s experienced eye specialists can test your eyes to see if you are a candidate for LASIK eye surgery.

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Wearing glasses and contacts can be inconvenient. That’s why the optometrists at Atlanta Eye Care can examine your eyes to determine if LASIK eye surgery is alternative corrective eyewear. Men and women who visit one of our 2 Alpharetta locations serving Atlanta and the surrounding areas receive LASIK diagnosis  from optometrists who specialize in the most popular elective surgery worldwide. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Sean Alexander,  Dr. Thomas Arey,  Dr. Michael Walker, Dr. Mark Machen, or Dr. Jennifer Moon to determine if you’re eligible for a surgery that can change your life by using the online form or calling 770.475.1777 for the Old Milton Pkwy location or 678.393.2025 for the Windward location.